Motivational Monday

I lost another toenail this morning. It was hanging in there, limping along for quite some time. It’s been a couple years since I’ve lost one. You’d think it would hurt, but nope. Naturally, as you would expect, I was singing “Bringing Sexy Back” while I was clipping the remains off. You’d assume I’d rethink my sandal choices but I won’t. I figure if I pretend it’s normal everyone else will believe so as well….. I will spare you a picture. Gross. I’m debating just painting all the toenails (and the non toenail) black. I’ll keep you posted on this current affair.

Still no word on solving the world problem of having gloves with ONLY fingers on them.  It’s a travesty.  I have until the Autumn to work on it.  I’ll be diligent.

Thank goodness!!! I'm doing it RIGHT!!

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