Lazy Sunday

Today I was up and at ’em at 6:30 to get to the Reno Running Companies weekly Sunday morning run.  My daughter, Bri works there and she’s not only increasing her mileage but her speed as well.  I did 5.5 miles there with her.  Saw running buddies I knew, made new ones.  A good time was had.


This is us post run.  Smashing!!  Having fa un, spunky, adult daughter can be very fun.

Got home and an hour later went to the bike path by the river to do a 10K with the hubby.  Phone died, no pictures….  It was 80* so it was slow going.  I thought a lot about Boston Monday and how they had similar heat but 20 miles more.  I have a glimpse of that pain…  At the end of the run there was an icecream truck parked and at first I thought that would taste great.  Then I realized the music he was playing was Christmas music.  Seriously…  Change the tunes,dude.

After our run I realized I was starving, it was after 1pm and I hadn’t eaten much.  Chris and I stopped at a gas station where we got COLD water and I grabbed a chocolate milk.  I was craving a doughnut which if you know me well is odd.  But we stopped and got one and I shoveled that entire sugar coated cake doughnut in a nano second.  Then ate some eggs and bacon. 

When I got home I had an email from someone on Pinterest about how inspiring I am.  They didn’t see me wolf down that sugar coated delight….. 

Now for a nap and being lazy Sunday…..

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