Reno 5000 5K

It’s official. Race season has begun!!  Today I ran #1 in a series of 4 5K’s.  I WON FIRST PLACE!!!  I’ve never won before!!  First in my age division at 25 minutes.  I wanted to finish in 21-24 minutes but it was a hilly trail so it was all good.  Can’t complain when I won first place!!

I recently read a blog about race distances.  My favorite distance is the half marathon so I tend to snub my nose at 5 and 10K’s.  Partially because of cost, partially because I run those distances regularly and they don’t seem as challenging.  I haven’t forgotten that a 5K was my first goal.  But I seemed to have lost touch with how much fun it is to just pound out a shorter run.  My favorite part of being at a 5K are all the people who have built up to 3 miles, who are starting out, who are losing weight and still feel as if they’re in the novice stage.  That is some incredible energy!!

I also enjoy meeting new people, reconnecting with people I know.  I love the energy at a race no matter what the distance, the shwag, the booths.  It was a blast.

Today my 20 year old daughter Brianna and I went together.  She PR’d and finished in under 30 minutes at 28 minutes winning 3rd place in her age division.  That was fantastic.  Here’s a recap in pictures:

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