I’ve always loved yoga. I used to do tapes (yes, tapes as in pre-DVD!) when the kiddos were younger and I was a stay at home mommy. We also had a fantastic little yoga studio in town and for a while the kids and I all took classes there. At a previous job we had a private yoga instructor come once a week for an hour and that was fantastic. That ended over 3 years ago though and my mat has been collecting dust.

I’ve wanted to try Bikram Yoga (check out the website here) for a couple years now (let’s not rush into these things!) Last night was THE night. 105* and 30% humidity in the room (even for someone like me who’s always cold, I knew that would be dang hot). Required for each student to bring: Yoga mat, towel, water and as little clothing as possible. Check! The class is 90 minutes which I thought would be far too long but it flew by.

I’ve wanted to get back to my Yoga roots to add more stretching to my lifes diet.  I love to run and that’s my main gig, however I also crave a little balance.  For example, I’m not planning on doing Bikram’s 30 or 60 day challenge to take a class a day.  Not even close.  I was thinking once a week if I can afford it.  I also purchased a kettle bell and have a quick routine with it that I’d like to incorporate a couple times a week for a little brush up on strength training.  I’ve looked in to ballet classes once a week (have one I’d like – I’m waiting for it to start) and one of my best friends who is a MMA trainer is moving back to Reno (YAY!) and I already know I’ll take one of her classes per week.  There are only so many hours in the week and dollars in my bank account.

At Bikram I purchased “20 days for $20.  Part of me wants to utilize this as much as possible however the sane rational part of me knows I’m a creature of habit and I should use the pass like I normally would over time.  So that’s the plan.  If possible I’d go once a week so that’s what I’m shooting for.

I learned a few things last night.  I like the heat.  I’m not as flexible as I once was.  Everyone has moments of lost concentration – even those that were really, really good.  It felt amazing to stretch my muscles out.  I’m glad I took their advice and didn’t eat 3 hours prior.  I love water.  A frozen washcloth actually feels good.  I could get my flexibility back and advance the poses in the not so distant future with one class per week.

It was fun.  I like trying new things or in this case, an old friend with a new twist.  My run today (post tomorrow) felt great.  Nothing was tight.  And after all that heat and stretching, I slept like a baby….

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