Motivational Monday

I don’t have a gym membership because honestly I wouldn’t use it often enough to ever justify having one. I used to go but I feel cooped up inside. I have enough weight stuff at home to maintain. I don’t have a treadmill at the house although that’s something I’d like to have for those days that are so bad I absolutely can’t get out. Or to hang with the family and watch a movie while running. For the most part I just want to be outside, breathing in the air, spreading my wings….

Oh, yeah baby!! This is what it looked like last Tuesday for my 12 mile run

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  1. I wish I had a treadmill at home… Actually, i wish I was able to run outside in any conditions like superman! It is funny, I love running when it is 90 – 100 degrees but hate running in the extreme cold and live in Canada… Funny, I know haha


    1. Being oblivious to conditions would be awesome!! Until that particular super power kicks in, I’ll drool over treadmills… I know I won’t use it really often, but it would mean no interruptions in training when weather doesn’t cooperate

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