Wednesday 4 mile hill run

D (my BRF) and I do a 4 mile hill run every Wednesday. It’s a little tough but I love the sense of accomplishment I get every time we do it. I also like to see how much we’re improving on it. My husband and one of my boys also run it and we usually have various kids riding bikes.  Today D wanted to slow the pace a bit and not stop on any of the hills.  Which we accomplished!!  Now to do it faster….

Today’s weather was a little windy but 50* so I put on a long sleeved shirt with my AWESOME “Shut Up & Run” T-shirt on top.  I got my shirt from Beth at SUAR.  It made me feel sassy and strong.  And almost like we had warm-ish weather. I also sported my hot pink Sparkly Soul headband.  More sass…

My son, Taylor has been very consistently running and is now up to 5 miles.  In one of my last posts I blogged about him getting new running shoes.  He got to use them today for the first time.  And he beat me today for the first time.  I could say that my pace with D is slower than when I’m alone which is true and because of that Tay wouldn’t have beat me.  But he did.  Watching him was amazing.  Kids have an easier time running because they don’t THINK about it constantly.  It also showed me how mental running is.  He felt that with new running shoes he’d do better and he did.  Huh.  Maybe I should learn something here…..

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