Tuesday Twelve 1-24-2012

My daughter, Olivia noticed yesterday that it was 1-2-3-1-2. Groovy.

This morning I woke up and called the airport for temperature BEFORE getting ready to run (making real progress here!). Winds: calm, Temp: 25* SWEET!!! What’s sad here is that I’m actually excited about 25* weather… Weird. But compared to the 8*, 10* and 12* I’ve run in quite a bit this winter or the 25 mph winds this actually sounded quite delightful.  Now the only issue was the ice and snow on the roads.  Yes, Reno finally got some which is great, but after being poorly plowed and sitting for two days getting warmed and refrozen, I was expecting treachery.  Makes the run more exciting that way….  Just sayin’.  Even with the ice and snow I did my 12 miles with an average of 9:28 minute miles.  I stopped a lot to take pictures – it really was beautiful.

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