Lazy Sunday

I so love lazy Sundays. When we sleep late, the kids come out to the living room warm and groggy to snuggle while they wake up. It’s so delicious. At 11:30 we’re all still in pj’s hanging out together playing PS3.

There was a adamant, almost rude, demanding and obnoxious request for dark chocolate chip pancakes this morning.  With cut up strawberries on top.  Well, uh, yeah….  How can I say no to that??!!

Olivia and Kezia on strawberry duty

Taylor and Me making pancakesTay made a smiley face!! So proud!

6 of the kids chowin down

Then Chris, Taylor and I went for a 5 mile run.  Taylor hasn’t ever run more than 4 miles but he’s been really consistent so I figured he’d run with Chris at a slightly slower pace and I’d make like a bird and fly.  What actually happened is Tay and I ran together and after 4 miles when he hit “the furthest I’ve ever run before” I took a picture and did my last mile fast.

Man that kid makes me laugh.  Tay, “Dude, Mom, is it hot out here or is it just me?”  Me, “It’s you, dude”.  Tay, “Good, I was hoping you didn’t say it was you.”  Ha ha.  Very funny.

Tay, “Dude, Mom.  Blast from the past.  Why does your butt jiggle when you run?”  Me, “Because of you kids, Tay”.  He asked me that a few years ago when he was riding his bike while I ran.  Even today, he could get punched for asking me that….  Just sayin’.

Tay, “Dude, Mom.  It’s like I”m not even breathing hard at all”  Me, “That’s probably because you’re not pushing yourself”  Tay, “So if I ran to my potential, I’d be faster than you.”  Me, “Something like that.  But probably not”.  We laughed nearly the entire run.

He had issues with the leg sleeves I gave him.  They were slipping down.  So he sat on a bench and I pulled them off and I tied them on my hydration belt.  He said “you’re welcome.  Now you have wings on your belt.”  Seriously

Taylor at the 4 mile mark. From here on out, he's running further than he's ever run before. I love that feeling!!

Taylor, Chris and me post 5 miles

I decided since Tay has been consistently running so much, we needed to get him new shoes.  So a few of the kids and I went to the store.  They were a BIG help.  He tried a couple on after we measured his quickly getting bigger feet.  Fourth ones were the charm!!  Then found out they were on monster sale for $20 so OF COURSE I sprung $2 for red sport laces…

Sizing his mega foot

You know the drill... Try, try again and when it's right, you'll know it

I heart these Under Armour shoes. Maybe another day....

Checking them out

These are the ones! Nirvana!!!

This is the look I get when I find out they're on sale for $20

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