Playing in the snow

Today the master plan was to run this morning. Meet two GF’s at the bike path and go for a nice, long run.  I couldn’t wait.  That was the master plan…. It was about 30* and snowing which was beautiful. The 25 mph winds, however were NOT beautiful. Run cancelled. Again. Love this weather. NEED a treadmill…

Let me back up…  Last night, Ashlea and Gabrielle showered and got ready for bed and THIS is what they thought would be good superhero/running/bedtime outfits…

I am SO using the cape for a race!!! It's BOMB!! Maybe not the undies over the pants.... Unless I get the Rundies... That would be BOMB-ER!!

We took the dogs on a 2 mile hike to get outside.  Ashlea and Alana were the only two dumb enough studly enough to go.  THEN, we had a bday party to go to at Pump It Up!!  It was great for me and the kids to blow off some steam.  Had a blast, ate cardboard pizza and came home to relax….  Still, I miss running….



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