Weekend Training

Weekend training sucked. I did the 3 mile training loop with the kids Saturday but I WALKED it with them, just to figure out where they’d need to turn around. Today I wanted to do a fast 3 miler and push for time or a low key 6 miler, or whip out 8-10 slower miles…. Didn’t happen. Do I feel sad? Maybe a little – or more that I wish I had a few more daylight hours to have snuck in a run today.  Do I feel like I’m off track or not meeting my goals??  Nope.  I know my mileage each week is fine.  I don’t stress it too much.  I can WISH I had done more but what I replaced it with was better…

Olivia is 15 and has her permit so she's the driver... Everywhere. Even when we don't need to go for a drive...

This is my hot ride... Be jealous. Go ahead and cry a little. I understand you want the shaggin' wagon... You can see Olivia in the drivers seat if you look. She drove us to our favorite quading site

Today we slept late and did dark chocolate chip pancakes for brunch.  Then Chris got all the quads ready and we went quading.  We’ve had unusually warm, no snow temps so we took advantage.  It was a little cold today but we had fun.

We bring sandwiches, waters, chips, fruit and I'm hangin in the back of the van with the boys eating hummus and Stacy's whole grain chips.... More jealousy... As if the van wasn't enough

After our action packed day of quading we went to Walmart.  Samuel turned 9 and he wanted a new bike for his birthday so we made it an event.

Scoping out the bikes. Brianna (one of our 19 year olds) is taking the lead with Sam

Sam and Chris narrowed it down and they're checking it out

Chris making sure it's a good choice by riding through aisles at Walmart. What a guy!!

Today was the last day of Christmas break.  2 weeks of fun.  I spent a lot of time with the kids, took too much time off work.  My running is great.  I have few complaints.  Even if I did, not doing one run for this day with my family was worth it.  And honestly, if it was really THAT important to me, I could have gotten up at 5 am instead of sleeping in….


0 thoughts on “Weekend Training”

    1. Well, it’s not as if it was all planned… Life becomes with changes, decisions, etc… I just rolled with it I think. And I love my huge, crazy family so that helps. 2 kids is hard!! Don’t ever minimize what you do.

  1. I love your blog and jealous of your big family! So cool how you got them running with you! I only have five kiddos and finding the time for a run is proving to be the biggest challenge. Got you on my favorites so I can learn how to juggle it all!

    1. 5 is pretty big!! I do love the big family though. My youngest is 9 now and it’s gotten easier to juggle as they’ve gotten older. We only have 8 at home now…. Yes, most of them run to some degree or another. Or bike with me. Juggling is my middle name!!! Look forward to getting to know you! Fire away any questions

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