Sticky Notes and Lists

Post-It Note Art Collage (PINAP)

Image by Adrian Wallett via Flickr

I love sticky notes and lists. Sticky notes and lists help me to not forget – if there’s more than 3 things on that grocery list I can guarantee I’ll forget. I could be frustrated by this fact, however I just chalk it up to who I am and make the darned list. I’m always going in a million directions at once and it’s just not worth it to stress about something so, well, fixable.

They also keep me accountable.  I know I need to do something or get something if it’s written down.  It’s more concrete.  Not to mention I get an amazing feeling of accomplishment by crossing things off my list.  Yes, I’m the person that, if I do something not on the list I write it down just so I can cross it out.  I like to see my progress.  How much I’ve completed.  Since I’m compulsively organized making lists and having sticky notes meets a sometimes overwhelming desire to have control over something in my life.  It just feels good.

So it’s odd in running, I don’t have much in the way of lists.  I take that back.  I have a list of blog ideas.  I have a wish list of running items I’d like.  I have a list of outfit ideas. Web sites to go to.   I carry a leather bound book with me everywhere to take notes in just for these reasons.  To most people it would probably look like a messy, disorganized bunch of nonsense,  but to me it’s invaluable information that’s all in the right spot.  I print off races I’d like to do and put them in chronological order  attached to my fridge.  I look at it often trying to figure out what the kids plans are that weekend, if I can afford the race and travel, etc…  Some I do, lots I can’t but they’re good goals.  I keep myself at a 12 mile long run every week so I’m race ready at any given moment for a half marathon.  I also have a calendar on the fridge with all school activities, appointments, etc…  and I do sharpie in my mileage on the day I do it.  I’ve never had mileage goals though.  I read so many other bloggers talk about weekly, monthly and annual mileage goals and I’ve never had a desire.  I run 4 times a week  with one longer one in there but I don’t add up my weekly mileage.  Even though I think it’s a great idea I just haven’t gotten past the idea phase.  How is it possible I’ve missed an opportunity to make a list??!!!  The sticky note possibilities are endless!!!  More goals??  More crossing off accomplishments??  An artificial semblance of control??  Huh…   I might need to get a new set of notepads for just this reason….

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