Tuesday Ten 11-29-11

Usually I wake up right before my alarm. Not today. Today I was floating in a blissful dream. Dreaming of dating a really hot, really sexy, much younger doctor… Sorry, husband laying next to me…. Dr Dreamy is my new man!! Not only was I apparently unhitched and a ravishing cougar, Doc and I went out and when I got carded, the guy called security and said my license was wrong because I couldn’t possibly have been born in 1970. I looked too young. Hello denial of my upcoming 41st birthday!!! I dragged myself away from my happy place of the dream, out of bed and was brushing my teeth when I heard this horrible noise. I turned off the water and realized… Chris was snoring. Yup. Through water running, a closed door and a noise machine I heard it.  I wouldn’t say he snores like a freight train, more like freight trains pull a Chris when they need to be worked on…. I seriously don’t know how that sound comes out of that man or how I ever possibly sleep through it!!   Again, welcome back reality.  As I cling to the shreds of my cougar dream I start ripping a series of pre-poop morning gas that rivals a rugby teams locker room in smell….  I couldn’t help but giggle.  “Come back Dr Dreamy!!  It was the dog!”  “I’ll catch up in just a minute!!  I need to take my calcium for bones and zinc magnesium to regulate my hot flashes!!”  Wow.  Nothing like a hard dose of the real world to wake you up in the morning!!

My run to work is 8 miles so I’ve been adding on to get a nice 12 mile run to work.  I’ve been experimenting with my 4 mile loop down a few roads – 2 miles out, 2 miles back, finish normal run – and today decided to go right.  My mind seemed to believe that the hill on McCarran when turning right would be no big deal.  It is a FREAKING SKI SLOPE!!!  Ah, yes…  It was torture.  I walked twice, cursed often, questioned my sanity.  OK, I admit to sanity having been gone for a long time now.  Running is what actually keeps me a little MORE sane.

I decided that I should never do the hill run again.  Go a different direction.  So I mentioned this to my favorite running buddy, Eric.  This was our conversation:

  • Jennifer   I add 4 miles to my 8 mile work run. I’ve been trying a few different directions (2 miles out and 2 miles back) to get up to 12. Today the route I chose was a freaking ski slope!! I was missing you desperately!!!

  • Eric   I love choosing the most difficult route myself. It’s a challenge. You get a totally different sense of accomplishment doing so. So you keep it up, girl. You impress me more and more each day. ‘Course if you weren’t a threat to me before, you certainly are now. I am going to have to step up my game. peace!

  • Jennifer  Oh, I KNEW you’d pick the hard way!!! I’m trying to convince myself to continue this route until it’s conquered!! But it sucked! My overall time was pretty good considering I was slow and stopped twice. And I have runners knee so I”m trying to figure out how to deal with this new lovely issue…. Yes, accomplishment…. Did I mention it sucked until it was over??
  • Eric  Yes….by all means….CONQUER IT! Because I KNOW you can do it. Your hard work and perserverance will pay off. Then again, if you don’t, then I may not have to work so hard trying to keep up with you when I come to visit. But I have a feeling you won’t let me get by so easy.

  • Jennifer   I think you just used reversed psychology on me. It worked. I’m keeping the hill. It’s on!! Still very tentatively planning on NYC marathon next November. Talked to Chris about it… Will keep fingers crossed.

Thank goodness for awesome friends that keep you motivated!!  I will continue the climb even though I already have a love/hate relationship with it.   And as for Dr Dreamy all I can say is that I can run further than you!

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  1. O.k., you’re my sister, but TMI on the “….I start ripping a series of pre-poop morning gas that rivals a rugby teams locker room in smell…” thing!

    So, Chris isn’t wearing his nose strips, I see!

    Cougar dream, huh? I guess that I’m MUCH YOUNGER than you since that’s never happened to me! Nor do I have to take calcium for my aging bones (Yes, I have two bottles of it in my vitamin cabinet(s), but that’s just in case of, you know, something else like if I break my pinky toe while stumbling through my kitchen while I’m yawning… or something, you know, like that….). Of course, I don’t run like a crazy woman either, so I don’t have to worry about falling and breaking something! Hot flashes?! WOW, it’s to bad that you get those already! I don’t get them, but I do get this hot, dizzy, woogy, pukey feeling. It’s vertigo. You know, ‘my ears have fluid in them and my equilibrium is off’ kind of thing. Seriously, I’m sure it’s an equilibrium issue!

    So, I was telling the kids’ pediatrician yesterday about how much you run. We were talking about carbs, burning fat, etc. She covered her mouth in disbelief about how many miles you run. When I continued on she covered her ears and said “STOP! Where does she get the energy for that?!” I told her that it had been scientifically proven that you stole all the energy genes at birth. She COMPLETELY agreed! And she cracked up too!

    1. Too bad on the TMI. You should hear runners talk. Women swapping childbirth saga’s have nothing on it!! Chris WAS wearing his breathing strips. Religiously. It was my first cougar dream but I work with men from the University all day long!! You keep thinking it’s equilibrium…. Right… Your kids pediatrician is a lightweight. Tell her to follow my blog. I even have business cards!! I designed them in my free time!! If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t shopvac or clean the half bath last weekend. There. I said it. Epic fail….

      1. OMG!!! You didn’t clean the half bath?! I don’t even know what to say……..

        “I designed them in my free time!!” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! Geesh, what’s next?! I told you that you stole all the energy genes!

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