MOM, RUNNER, WIFE, WOMAN, HAIRDRESSER. Not necessarily in that order!!

I recently read an article about how many facets of personality we have. Truly, our worlds at times collide leaving in their wake confusion.  A feeling of being with someone out of context so to speak.  One time I ran into a girlfriend and acted like my woman self.  My then 12 year old daughter later yelled at me “It’s like you’re not even my Mom!” because, up to that point, my being her mom was the only facet of my personality she was familiar with.  I’ve run into clients from the shop at races and, although they know I’m a runner, they usually say, “Hey!  What are you doing here?!”  Uh, not cutting  your hair, that’s for sure!!

First I was a daughter and a sister.  Being a sister is one of my favorite selves because my sister and I are so incredibly close, she is the most amazing person and I love her so much.

Kim my sister, my mom and me!

I am also a wife and a mommy.  Those two selves probably jockey the most for attention.  One isn’t more important than the other, however it depends on who needs what, what’s going on, etc…  The fact that I have 13 children to “follow” and keep up with makes the task that much more difficult.  I love this facet of who I am.  It has been the most defining but my other selves often get put on the back burner to meet the demands of these two.  It’s hard to balance.

Chris and me - the wife

Chris and me with 9 of the kids at an icecream shop

I’m also “Nana” to my 6 and 3 year old granddaughters.  SO much fun!!  Holy cow, we should have gotten to do this first to segway into parenting!!  They are a joy in my life.  Little responsibility and so much reward!!


Me, sweaty after a run at the park with Brooklyn and Alana having Nana time!!

Yet another facet of personality is the hairdresser.  Unfortunately, I have to bring home some bacon!!  I’m not sure how, since I know I signed up for the independently wealthy plan, but it hasn’t happened….  I love the shop, helping people look and feel better, being counselor, surrogate mom, friend, etc…  This is one area of life that my woman self roars!!

Me at the shop!!

The runner facet of my self is the one I try not to put on the back burner, but sometimes that’s where she’s perched.   She needs to be out there running it to bring together all other facets of self.  Running has made me better in all areas of my life.  It gives me time to reflect,  shake things off, collect myself, decompress, get “right” and comfortable in my own skin again – ready to tackle all other facets of my life.  When people wonder how I find the time, I think;  how do I not find the time??  I NEED it.  I still bake the kids cakes for birthdays, make them all pj’s every Christmas, sew, cook, work, clean, support my husband, am a sister and friend, do the shopping, attend parent/teacher conferences, walk the dogs, etc…  but I do them better when I’m running.  I feel more myself after a good run than any other time.  Being a runner is the glue for my selves.

Running along the ocean in Ft Bragg, CA at my mother in laws house. I love to be here.

In all my selves is the woman.  Sometimes tamped down, edited, downplayed.  Sometimes overwhelmed and frazzled.  Usually happy and outgoing, always wanting to hug.  She is there peeking out not entirely in her full glory but there none the less.  She is what makes up every facet of my life, but she is most happy when she’s running it!!

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    1. I think it’s all about priorities. I got less time to run when the kids were really little. I carve it out anywhere I can – my long run I run to work and get ready there early. Most people watch TV a lot or are on the computer for hours. I trade that for running I suppose. Kids grow up very quickly so I never minded slowing down a bit for them even though it was frustrating.

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