Turkey Trot Thanksgiving Day!!!

Me in the porta potty line!! The woman behind me was nice enough to take a picture (as if I gave her a choice!!)

The Scheels 13th annual Turkey Trot was this morning. 10K race, really well marked with fantastic volunteers and an overall super course. Not a tough one, but a really good one.  Temps were hovering around 40* and the wind was holding off.  It was beautiful out.  No need for a hat and gloves were off within the first few miles.  Just perfect!!

I usually run around 9:30 minute miles. I’m not fast, but I like to believe I have some amount of endurance and I’m blessed to be consistent.  I used to bolt out of the gate and then lose steam but with training, now I maintain without checking my watch.  Don’t get me wrong – I do check my watch if I feel a little slow just to maintain accountability and because I paid enough for it!!

Today I ran the 10K (6.2 miles) in 54:56 averaging 8:51 minute miles!!! HOLY CRAP!! For me that’s speedy! I was #339 out of a total 1057 runners. I was #123 out of 620 women runners. I’m used to being right in the middle of the pack but for some reason today, I did better than usual. I PR’d today which is always an awesome feeling.  Usually I’m right around 58 minutes.  Maybe it WAS the skirt!!

Races help me check how my training is going (I’m pretty pleased right now about how I’ve been pushing myself), it infuses me with wonderful, positive energy, adrenaline and a feeling of camaraderie even though I showed up alone and only saw a couple people I know.  Post race everyone talks, congratulates and pretty much feels the love!!   Now I’m reminiscent of an addict looking for the next fix!  I don’t think there’s a half marathon within 50 miles until April and I may have melt down by then!!  I’m wondering where there is one, how far and how I can swing getting there.  No matter what, races keep me motivated to keep plugging through with training.  Just around the corner awaits the next one…..

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