Tuesday Ten 11/22/11

11.6 miles today with an average of 9:40 minute miles. It was a good run today.  Enjoyable.  Not to say when I woke up ten minutes before my alarm went off  (like I always do!) I was psyched and ready to roll!!  I almost always turn off my alarm and lay there trying to convince myself of all the reasons I should be getting up and ready and not remain curled up in the fetal position.  Not that my blog following is enormous, but I do feel an obligation to make sure I push myself when I don’t always want to so I can write about it.  Also, I like that I don’t have to be anal about my diet because I’m burning calories.  That doesn’t mean I relax with my diet, but I don’t have to be stressed either.  I like the way my body feels when I run, love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done.  I love watching the sun rise, running with the morning commuters – knowing they’re driving to work as I’m running there.  I like talking to my clients about my runs – many who ask me regularly how my running is going, how much mileage, what my time is, what races I’ve done since I last saw them.  Even more I enjoy seeing clients at races.  I love the sweat, snot and spit that goes with a good, hard run.  I love that my mileage is way higher than my husbands (Come on!  It’s the only thing I beat him at!!).  So, I get out of bed when sometimes I’d rather stay in it.  Because I know, in the end, no matter how fantastic my time is, it’ll be worth it.

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