Shoes are better than chocolate!!

I love shoes. Not just a little. As in I own over 150 pair…. And yet I still don’t always have the right ones. The perfect pair of black heels has eluded me for years. If I found the perfect, classic pair of black heels I’d probably relinquish half a dozen pair of black perfect heel imposters. Shoes make me feel spunky, sexy, fun, childish. They are an emotional barometer of my daily mood. I wear every pair I own at least once every year or I give them away. I have a coveted pair of Birkenstocks that I saved up for and purchased when I was 17 (yes, they’ve lasted 24 years now!  Treat things nicely and take care of them…) to my polka dot rain boots, to my several hundred dollar pair of Prada’s that hurt like hell to wear but are the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen.  I’ve hung on to a pair of pink “flippy” shoes for years because my now 15 year old daughter was stunned when she was a little girl that I was thinking of passing them on.  “They make a happy sound when you walk” she said.  And she was right.  They do.  So I still have my happy, flippy shoes even though they aren’t super cute.

My love of shoes has spilled over into my love of running.  My most expensive pair of running shoes was my least favorite.  I love to try new ones and mix it up.  A running partner of yesteryear encouraged me to have a couple pairs and rotate them on runs to avoid repetitive motion injuries.  Buy more shoes??  Okie dokie!!  It was good advice and I’ve rotated my shoes for years.  I usually have 2 pair until they’re no longer good for running, then they go into the “shoes I kick around in” rotation until they retire.  They are always well loved and well used.

I have a favorite.  Adidas Kanadia.  My love.  My running shoe.  Sigh.  Every time a review list comes out I’m shocked my shoe isn’t on the list.  It’s PERFECT!!  I’ve own 4 seasons worth of the perfect shoe.  Just like my other shoe closet housing my coveted Prada’s, our running shoe preferences vary as much as our glitter skirts – as it should be.  Our running shoes fit our personalities, our purpose, our style.  Choose them, love them, run with them!!

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