Andrea (Drea) DOB 9-27-1987 24 years old

“Well, you being yummy would be one thing I remember :-)! (My Mom tried speaking German once.  She accidentally said “I am yummy.” in German.  We laughed so hard and from that moment on, every time we saw a cute boy, we would say the German phrase for “I am yummy”!!)
I loved and still love you being active. You made me feel like being home. You were the one comforting me from the moment I spoke to you on the phone the first time even though I hadn’t met you. Getting to be your daughter was a blessing. You were one of the most important people during a time when I decided to leave my German family behind for a long time. I found something so special in you which is for sure the reason I still call you MOM and think about you a lot. You are my Mom, one of my closest friends, my inspiration for running, the master of organization and amazingly beautiful. I look up to your spirit and how you always find new goals to work for never giving up on the way. I can just simply say I am so thankful for everything you taught me and for the long calls we used to share talking about boys and love and family. I MISS YOU MOM AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

My first 5k december 2009my first 10 k december 2010changed my major from architecture to health care management in summer 2009.  Reason: wanted to have a more active and sports related major in combination with a need of organizational talent, which I think I do have.;-)


running between 5 and 10 k twice a week

working out twice a week as well at the gym

got 63 kilos with a high of 1,68 meters”

Andrea might not have been my first born, but she is the oldest of the clan.  Deciding to have a foreign exchange student in the midst of adopting and pregnancies might have seemed absurd at the time, but when we were told to look at a profile of a girl instantly we knew she belonged with us.  We had pre-move phone calls in which Drea got over the shock of having so many siblings.  Then the pick up at the airport and the instant integration.  In minutes Drea was my daughter.  She was shy and I pushed her to do things a little outside her comfort zone because she had only a year with us.  Although I”m her “American Mom” I feel no less love for my daughter.  She took Spanish because she was bored in school.  It was her 6th language.  She was an architect major but changed it.  I remember that phone call full of tears.  She told me I had influenced her so much that she wanted to work more in health care to benefit others.   She laughs at (with) me.  She learned how crazy it is to have a healthy mom that exercises.  Drea makes me feel the desire to  be a better person, better Mom, better example.  I love and miss her too!!!

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