Samuel (Little Guy) DOB 12-28-2000 (almost) 9 years old


“I don’t like running a lot. I do the half mile. I like that. I get a race number put on. I like hamburgers and eating hotdogs. I really like to help my Mom cook. I like to help her make hamburgers. I like to ride my bike when my Mom runs.”

Samuel.  He’s a boy of few words.  He’s sometimes too much of a prankster and laughs when I discipline him.  You can imagine how happy that makes me.  He’s the most shy of all the kids, the baby despite my efforts to NOT have the last child be the “baby”.  He was 6 weeks premature 3 days after Christmas.  When Brianna came into the NICU to see him I put him in her arms and she said “Mom, he’s such a little guy” and so it’s been ever since.  Sam would run if it included playing in the sandbox with cars and trucks.  He’s often caught riding a bike, scooter or skateboard with no shoes or shirt but  a helmet.  He’s quiet and likes to be the helper in the kitchen probably more than any of the kids and that says a lot in my house.  He wants to be involved in everything but in his own quiet way.  When he laughs that big belly laugh his eyes tear up but so do everyone elses because hearing it is contagious and hilarious.

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