Kezia (Kezi-bug) DOB 4-4-2002 9 years old

Kezia with attitude!!

“I like spending time with my Mom because she’s active and she helps us learn stuff that’s active and she runs a lot with me. And I like to run with my Mom because she does a lot of fun things when she runs and she lets us ride our bikes when she’s running. She makes jokes, waits for us, laughs at silly things we do. I also like spending time with my Mom because she is really nice and we do a lot of activities together like sewing, wakeboarding, running and ride bikes. And cooking. We eat a lot of vegetables and we eat really healthy stuff like salmon and spaghetti with red sauce and I like her because she buys tomatoes, cuts them and puts salt on them for me to eat. I also like my Mom ’cause she brings us to the store and buys us a lot of school supplies and for clothes shopping for running clothes and we bring the stuff we don’t want to Savers for the poor.”

Kezia.  Her name came from the book of Job.  Last paragraph.  After Job lost everything including his family he had a new wife and children.  One of his daughters names was Kezia “joy after hardship”.  Kezia was adopted at birth and drug positive.  I was at the hospital during her delivery.  She went through 8 weeks of withdrawals which was an awful thing to hold a baby through, but the second she could smile she did and has been ever since.  She’s way ahead in school, a fiery little pixie who speaks her mind (which sometimes isn’t a good thing).  Recently on a run she was riding her bike and said “Mom are you running to get your abs back?”  I told her I have abs.  She replied, “Not like you used to”.  Here’s to honesty.  She still does the half mile and is irritated that races don’t have a mile  because she’d rather do that.

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