Gabrielle (Gabi Gabbers) DOB 11-7-2000 (almost) 11 years old


“My mom runs with me and my family. Once when we were running I got a side cramp. She told me to raise my arm and press my stomach and breathe really deeply. She told me it was carbon dioxide trapped in my diaphragm. We walked together while I had the cramp and when it didn’t get better she told me to turn around to start back home. She turned back around and walked with me. We walked to my brothers to help them with the bike. She told me that we would at least run 2.3 miles instead of the 3 that we planned and I was happy with that. No need to be stressed she told me. I liked riding my bike when I was little, but after I had a bike accident, I don’t ride much anymore. I like running with her. I think it’s fun. Or riding my bike while she runs. I wish I could run more because someday I want to be like her and run a marathon. If I want to run I have to keep eating healthy and not eat a bunch of junk. If I practice more on my running I’ll get better and better and maybe I’ll be as good as her and I’m even younger. When she’s waiting for us at our 5k – even our first one – she waits at the end with her camera. Even though there are a lot of people there, she’s focused on me. At her races when we’re waiting for her we cheer her on and after races we still hug her and congratulate her even though she’s all sweaty.”

Gabrielle.  She was my longest, most difficult labor but as is always the case, she was worth it by far.  She’s quiet and shy.  It seems weird to talk about Ashlea and Gabi separately since they (and everyone else) refer to them as “the twins”.  They do everything together including their commentary of sassyness.  Gabi is the one that will ask me to lay down in my room and cuddle, she promises to watch the clock for only 5 minutes and that she won’t fall asleep because she knows it’s hard for me to carry her to her bed.  She’s always snagging my clothes to wear to bed and she and Ashlea try to steal my throw blankets to wrap up in and drag around the house.  She reminds me of my sister in so many ways it’s scary and if it were possible to love her more, that would certainly do it.  She asks a lot of questions and wants to understand how things work.

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