Ashlea (Ash) DOB 4-30-2000 11 1/2 years old


“I like that we don’t have fast food all the time. Mommy cooks homemade a lot. My favorite thing to cook with her are her sugar cookies. I like when Mommy does long runs and we meet her about 3 miles before the end and ride our bikes. And when we help crew her when she does really long runs. I like when we meet at the end of a race. My favorite run was the 5K Run For Education that we did every year. Me and Gabi ran together and met Mom and the older kids at the end.”

Ashlea is the one that won’t speak around other people.  In school she’s off the charts smart but her teachers write me  notes that say things like, “Ashleas grades would be better if she would participate in class”.  This year her speaking, listening and participating grade is 100% and I like to think it’s because her Mom (that’s me) is obnoxious and just a little is wearing off.  She’s NOT the most quiet at home.  She’s the running commentary at the dinner table and pretty much any time there’s a conversation making (really hilarious) totally smart alack remarks.  She’s great at running and wants to play volleyball.  She’s always making cookies with Gabi and trying to help in the kitchen.  She’s got blue eyes like me (one of them had to….  geez!) will probably be one of the tallest girls and is my Special Girl.

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