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This blog began when I signed 8 of my kids up for a Halloween 5K this year. Taking running clothes, adding costumes so it’s fun and comfortable can be challenging. I came up with some pretty good ideas, however upon doing more research I realized I’m not even close to being the most creative. released one of their free podcasts for AMR radio specifically for fun, creative, easy to make Halloween costumes.  Featured on the show was one of the women from an incredibly fun group of gals with lots of experience as well as a store to make your shopping easier.  None the less, I’m posting how I created the magic at our house since I started out before I had all their great ideas.

I have a pair of beloved Moeben arm warmers that have seen better days. I’ll wear them until they’re in shreds, after all they’re camo and match a running bra, but having them allowed my creative juices to flow. I used them to make a paper bag pattern for future arm sleeves. Sometimes a shirt will tear, have worn spots, etc… but there’s still so much material left to use for these.

Another option for those worn shirts is using the actual shirtsleeves to make arm sleeves. I head to second had stores and pick up shirts that can be used just for this purpose. Cut them off, hem the top edge and insert elastic to desired tightness. Remember, it’s the decorating that can really make this fun!

Target has knee socks 2 pack for $8 or singles for $5.  There are a variety of colors and patterns and they’re made of wicking material.   I cut off the “foot” of the sock and finished the edge to make leg warmers.  I’ve also ended up going on Ebay and purchasing arm and leg warmers under the “cycling” category and “women” category.  They had SO much to choose from. I got my skirt taken care of first, then did plain arm warmers and leg warmers with a little more personality.

I love, love sparkles, glitter, etc… and the idea of a princess or fairy can get an easy start with a sparkle skirt. YAY glam!! We may snot rocket, sweat and spit but we can have bling! At Walmart I found a few options:  Children’s departments  have a plethora of skirts and go up to a child size 18 so don’t be afraid to try them on!
Monster High skirts: $12.97 each. Child size fit me no problem

Sparkle skirt: $4.97 each. I bought two from the children department, cut them both and sewed together to make one long piece and then sized it to me. Added 2″ black elastic to the top. It was easy, but in the end cost as much as the Monster High but I had to do the work….. It’s a good option if you need a little more material to make the skirt.  Plain colors make it great for bling options you put together yourself as well.

Target has awesome inexpensive options for the base layers.
Compression shorts $14.99

T-shirts $12.99

Capri’s 19.99

I like the black bottoms because they match everything. Tops I purchase after I have the skirt – also in a solid color.  Adding the bling is the fun part. Walmart and JoAnn Fabrics all have iron-ons for $3-4.  Adding to my shirts gives attitude, matches all my bottoms and doesn’t affect how well they perform.  FUN!!

Target, Walmart and JoAnn’s have stretchy gloves for $1-1.50 each for easy matching of your outfits.  JoAnn’s had finger lights at the checkout for $1 each and I got a couple to try for night races.  Walmart has packets of 12 glow bracelets for $.97 for night races as well.  Check baby aisles, childrens sections, button aisle, scrapbooking, jewelry making, craft and hair aisles for bows and bling.  Not always for hair – think out of the box as other places you can hot glue items to your outfits.  Get into the seasonal aisles to see what’s there – Halloween is one of my favorites!!

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