Welcome! My name is Jenn and I’m Mom Of 18.

Parenting can be a thankless job. It’s worth it, it’s exceptionally joyful but it’s also exceptionally difficult. There isn’t an adequate parenting book – nor do I believe there can be – as we’re all so unique and so are the kiddos we’re raising. My two mottos: “This too shall pass” and “You can’t eat an elephant in one bite”. I’m here to guide you through the process so you stay out of overwhelm and in action – confident and on top of your game.

You are making an enormous impact.

Making a difference in the life of a child is more significant than can be expressed. YOU are making a difference if you’re influencing a child’s life, you’re powerful beyond belief. “With great power comes great responsibility”. We are superheroes. YOU are worth it to me

Virtual Assistant For Your Content and Administrative Needs!

If you’re looking for:

  • written web and blog content
  • corporate objectives met through effective writing
  • knowledge with social media tools
  • excellent communication and vocabulary skills
  • high-performance, easy interaction with clients, staff, and colleagues
  • operational procedures and deadlines understood
  • creative and comfortable internal and external communication, customer relations, and customer service
  • high performance, quick learning, ability to easily interact with clients, staff, and colleagues
  • motivation and reliability as an Administrative and Office Support
  • experience providing outstanding staff support and assistance
  • Online Business Management with experience in administrative support
  • proactivity and self-motivation; to identify, prioritize, and escalate information swiftly and professionally
  • experience producing and hosting podcasts using Adobe Audition and Libsyn

Search no further. You’ve found the solution to lighten the load with these, among other, tasks. Get in touch. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


This woman is as true to the heart of issues as I’ve ever known! Her spunk to tell it like it is, is a refreshing mind-opening experience. She will make you laugh, bring tears yet with a wonderful ability to open your eyes and give insight into life like non other. She is smart, extremely intelligent, enjoyable and easy to be around.

Jenn’s writing never feels fake. It’s not syrupy sweet. In many ways, she’s confronting the gender expectations that come with female memoirs – the touchy feely stuff. She is writing telepathy. I like her writing more and more as I read it. I don’t like what happened to her, but I am astounded at her account of it. She is almost Hemmingway-esque. Brutal. Brash. Honest. It’s refreshing!

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Jennifer is an engaging speaker and captivating story teller. When she speaks to an audience, she speaks to you as an individual. She is motivating, inspiring, and speaks to you and your soul. When she smiles at you, you cannot help but smile from the inside out! She and her positive energy are infectious, so you have been warned….

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Energetic, fun, and inspiring. That is how I would describe Jennifer. No matter whether I hear her speaking in a group setting, or one on one, I leave wanting to try harder, be better, and believing that I actually can be!

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Thank you for taking the time to present such a well thought-out presentation on Conflicts & Stress to our Remodeler’s Committee. Everyone commented on how entertaining your presentation was, It set the pace of lively discussion among the attendees, and it provided valuable insight into conflict resolution. You certainly have a gilt or public-speaking. It was wonderful to have your comments punctuated by spontaneous applause. More attendees have requested printed text from your presentation than ever before, Thank you also for the fresh dose of good humor.