Come work with me!!!

Whether my mini-intensive package, signature package or Ghostwriting is right for you,  I’m happy to be working with you!


Jenn Taylor | Mini Intensive

This two week mini-intensive is a great value with a lot of information! Starting out, you will fill out a worksheet so I can begin getting to know you. This information will launch us into our two hour Skype chat where we dig in to the heart and soul of book writing! My hope is that this will be fun but also uncover the who, what, when, where, how and why of your struggle to write your book. No more slowing down the future author process!

We will have a 30 minute Skype session at the end of your two weeks and in between I offer unlimited email support as well as weekly goals and projects to help you glean the information required to stay the course.


Jenn Taylor | Mini Intensive

At 90 days, this is the meat and potatoes package. We start off the same way with my worksheet and a two hour Skype chat. After that, we have a 30 minute bi-weekly Skype chat and we dive into the intensive weekly goals and projects that will help you dig even deeper. You still get unlimited email support, but this is a more intense, dedicated package to help get your book published.


Ghostwriting means I do the bulk of the work and you get 100% of the credit. This is an inclusive package – no hidden fees. From start to finish, your book will be complete! I do this via Zoom interviews and feedback, so you can write a book from anywhere in the world! I’ll do everything I can to make it fun as I work with you through the process so at the end of our time together, you’ll be holding your book in your hands. I assist with launching your book on Amazon, as well as your own local events to launch your book. Be among published authors in this six month course.


If you love having a podcast, but you’d like to stick to doing interviews, this is the option for you! I take your edited podcast episode and do the following:

*Load and Publish Podcast on Libsyn
*Podcast Show Notes, photo’s
*Embed to website podcast page
*Email to podcast guest for promotions you offer
*Calendar Management
*Email guest the day before podcast release for maximum exposure
*Canva – create media
*Photo resizing
*Research categories
*Upload to as many as 21 podcast platforms and media accounts

Back End/Setup: $500
Per episode: $250

If you’re not certain, I recommend starting with the mini-intensive and rolling that into the signature. You can apply the $500 to the $2100 and continue on with your journey!! Ghostwriting starts with a 30 minute no charge consultation.