Come work with me!!!

Whether my mini-intensive package or signature package is right for you, I’m happy to be working with you!


Jenn Taylor | Mini Intensive

At $500, the two week mini-intensive is a great value with a lot of information! Starting out, you will fill out a worksheet so I can start getting to know you. This information will launch us into our two hour Skype chat where we dig in to the heart and soul of your life! My hope is that this will be fun but also uncover the who, what, when, where, how and why your struggles are stopping you from more happiness and more fulfilling relationships.

We will have a 30 minute Skype session at the end of your two weeks and in between I offer unlimited email support as well as weekly goals and projects to help you uncover a better you.

Jenn Taylor | Mini Intensive

At $2000 and 90 days, this is the meat and potatoes package. We start off the same way with my worksheet and a two hour Skype chat. After that, we have a 30 minute bi-weekly Skype chat and we dive into the intensive weekly goals and projects that will help you dig even deeper. You still get unlimited email support, but this is a more intense, dedicated package to make some long lasting changes.

If you’re not certain, I recommend starting with the mini-intensive and rolling that into the signature. You can apply the $500 to the $2000 and continue on with your journey!!