My friends call me Jenn, so please consider yourself among them. I’m a published author of a self-help memoir about my life growing up in dysfunction. Emotional, physical and sexual abuse and their effects plagued me and as a result my relationships were a pattern of their own dysfunction. I am a writer, public speaker, blogger, podcaster and an online coach for future authors. I enjoy the hats that I wear and as a result, my life is full.


17 children have blessed my life.  That’s not a typo – Seventeen.  I went through infertility, seven pregnancies (which contradicts infertility, I suppose), and have 12 years of foster parenting under my belt. In the end, I was blessed to end up with kids from everywhere. More than “Yours, Mine, Ours” – an amalgam of foster children who aged out, adopted children, step children and biological children.  It. Is. Awesome. And hard. But worth it.

14 kids Christmas 2016



Running is a place where I can be the diva that I am while at the same time it’s perfectly natural to snot rocket, pee outside, sweat profusely and swear.  I allow my kids to map out routes driven by their buses. I’m not afraid to get lost. I’m strong. I’m confident. I have instilled in my children the value of staying healthy and active.Running!!! Many things have motivated me to maintain my health. Being raised by parents who are addicts taught me a lot about what I didn’t want.  I wanted to stay healthy, keep up with my kids and age gracefully.   I’ve been active in many ways, but the one thing that was always a part of my life off and on since college was running. Inexpensive, portable and done in any weather running not only keeps me in good physical shape, it gives me a chance for my head to clear. It’s time to think, problem solve and plan, but mostly it’s time for me.



I also learned less is more…. We embrace a minimalist lifestyle.  Learning not to compete with others and what they own and have a clutter free, smaller home is a continuing journey.  It creates an environment with less stress, less spending, less stuff and better relationships and experiences.  Having strong family ties, being healthy and building memories are some of the things that are most important to me.  The kids are growing up fast, I’m happy to enjoy the journey.



My business took things I love and a desire to give back and married them. That is blissful.

Enough about me. Get in touch so I can learn about you!