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I’m your Transformation & Empowerment Coach!

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If you’re seeing the challenges of parenting children who have been abused, welcome. If you’re struggling with relationships due to past abuse, or somehow that nagging baggage you’ve been dragging around for years is starting to feel heavy, you’ve found the right place. 

You deserve to have higher self-esteem, more confidence and deeper, fulfilling relationships. You deserve to be heard as you struggle parenting kids who have survived trauma.


If you feel the “failure” of relationships and the heaviness of the past weighing you down, we can work through it together.

Learning to process and work through the tough stuff is often the biggest hurdle to moving forward.


I look forward to learning about who you are and what you’ve gone through to help you get to that next level of deeper, more loving, passionate, empowering relationships and an improved “bag of tricks” for parenting in touch situations.

Whether you’re working through addiction, physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, or children who are suffering with those challenges, there are ways to use your story to become the best version of you.

Together you will have the tools to transform yourself through:

  • Journaling – writing what you feel, recognizing those feelings and working your way to thinking better is a goal you’ll succeed at
  • Healthier eating – there’s an app for that and it’s extremely helpful. Food has value. Learn what it is and how you can make the best choices
  • Moving your body – Just a few minutes a day walking outside can change your outlook on life
  • Self-care – This is a big one and I will help every step of the way for only $5 a month
  • Visualizing a new direction – vision boards of old are gone, but they’ve been replaced by something wonderful! Dream big, have goals and start visualizing the life you want
  • No means no – you’ll learn to say it, mean it and stick to it
  • Identifying patterns – everyone has them. You’ll learn how to recognize yours and learn how to embrace the positive patterns in your life
  • Reconnecting – ever wonder where the person you were has gone? Let’s figure out what you thought your journey would look like, where you are now and what your hopes and dreams are
  • Communication – once you’re clear on who your are, your direction and goals, let’s talk about talking about them

You will have personalized coaching via Skype and email, with additional apps and resources to move your journey forward. The pesky hangups and hiccups in life will be addressed so you can become the best version of you! I want you to feel less stress and anxiety, raise your self-worth and reconnect with what you want out of life.


“This woman is as true to the heart of issues as I’ve ever known! Her spunk to tell it like it is, is a refreshing mind-opening experience. She will make you laugh, bring tears yet with a wonderful ability to open your eyes and give insight into life like non other. She is smart, extremely intelligent, enjoyable and easy to be around.”

Kim Keele

“Jenn is a very genuine person and it makes my troubles seem small! If you want to hear a truth in living the right way, listen to what she has to say! Bravo Jenn in living your life path the right way and thanks for sharing with others!”

John S.



You can choose a coaching package designed to initiate changes and catapult you in a direction of more happiness, direction, and peace in your life.

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